RMC is proud to announce that we have donated to assist with helping over 800 girls learn critical life skills in the 2017-18 year alone. At Ray Morgan Company we pride ourselves on working with various charity organizations. Girls on the Run is a national physical activity-based positive youth development program for girls. This organization has made a huge impact in the competence, confidence, connection, character, caring, 

physical activity, and life skills of girls around the country. There are many programs they host that teach girls life skills such as managing emotions, resolving conflict, helping others, and decision making. This program focuses specifically on girls in 3rd-8th Grade develop the essential skills needed to grow up into young women. Each program is 10 weeks long and culminates with a community service project which is celebrated with a 5K event. Ray Morgan Company has worked hand in hand with the North State branch of Girls on the Run for many years.

“… I learned to follow through my goals, to be kind and respectful to others and to take care of my body by living healthy…”- Graciella, Grade 3

So many girls in grade school deal with low self-esteem, and peer drama. This program helps by building self-confidence, which build character and teaches girls to be kind to themselves as well as each other. In addition, they will have a forever connection to this organization, and positive connections with parents, teachers, peers and their community. These skill-building experienced nurture girls’ physical, social, and emotional competencies, which they can apply to their everyday lives. These skills can be applied at home, school, and their future.

If you are interested in contributing to the cause, click here.