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Let us introduce you to our Spotlighted Employee this month,

Bill Huff!

ay Morgan Company Employee Spotlight Bill Huff

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This month, our Special Projects Coordinator, Cameron Stacy had the opportunity to interview Bill on his time here at Ray Morgan Company.

Employee: Bill Huff

Role: Senior Service Technician

Location: Corporate Headquarters – Chico, CA

What is your role? My position at Ray Morgan Company is a Senior Service Technician.

Which branch do work out of? I work out of our Corporate Headquarters in Chico with my main service locations being Enloe Medical Center and Chico State University.

How did you get to Ray Morgan Company? In 2003, I was laid off from my last company, Danka. I wrote my resume and sent it out to different companies online; Ray Morgan Company was one of them. From there the Parts Department Manager, Tom Tinsley, called me and arranged for an interview - That was over 13 years ago in March of 2003.

What do you like to do outside of work at Ray Morgan Company? Going to the gym, sitting down, and reading a good book are some of the things I enjoy when I am home.

Anything else you would like to add? I love the people that I work with and the customers that I have. I am truly blessed to work here. Not once have I had to worry about layoffs.  It is nice to work for a company that is growing. In 2009, I had a mild stroke and was off from work for two months. Five years later I ran in a 5K and placed first for my age group. I would like to work as long as I am healthy enough. Work gives me a reason to get up in the morning. When I retire, I will have to find something to volunteer for. Don’t tell Jim (Scarff) that I’ll miss this place and the people when I retire.