Stop Cyber Attack Sign in Red Polygon on Pale Bare Hand. Isolated on White Background.Marin Community Clinics was the victim of a cyber attack which shut down their systems for a couple of days. Mitesh Popat, the Clinics’ CEO was advised to pay the ransom that the hacker had put forth to unlock their systems. Luckily, as Popat told a news source “No patient data was compromised.” Though they do expect to lose some patient data.

It may not seem like it, but Marin Community Clinics is one of the lucky ones when it comes to Cyber Attacks, especially, Ransomware. Often it can cost the victim money, data and client trust.


As technology progresses so does the danger. Your cell phone, computer and other electronics contain more information on you than ever before. Hackers and criminals are looking to turn a profit on that information. Your data has value, no matter how small it may seem.

SMB’s (Small to Medium Businesses) are also often targeted by these hackers. Now that systems of communication are becoming digital at all levels of business there are more opportunities for hackers to gain access. These criminals know that client and employee data is important to good business and will find ways to lock it down to get you to pay their ransom to get it back!


As cyber crime continues to evolve a proactive approach is needed.

With RMC Managed IT we can:

  1. Protect you with enterprise level hardware and software.
  2. Detect weaknesses and breaches early to minimize impact.
  3. Respond to threats with our 24/7 Security Operation Center.

Contact us to find out your level of risk and how we can help you find peace of mind in this new landscape of cyber crime.

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