November 8th, 2019 - A year after the tragedy caused by The Camp Fire, RMC had the honor of attending the opening of Paradise’s new Resiliency Center, which will be a one stop shop for people looking to rebuild the town.

The community came out in full force to show their support of the next steps Paradise is taking to rebuilding. The building in which the Resiliency Center is located was built in 1975 and had survived the fire. Bank of America, the previous occupant, donated the building to the town. Many organizations have come together to help fund the upgrades needed for the building.

On behalf of RMC representative Billy Hansen, who is Paradise born, (pictured below) handed over a check for $20,000 to Paradise Mayor Jody Jones to help with the center’s needs.

RMC Representative Billy Hansen with the check for $20,000 for Paradise

Billy went on to say in his speech to the people of Paradise “I’m really speechless to see the community come together like this and I’m honored to work for a company like Ray Morgan that is willing to help where we can. We’ve been trying to help as many individuals on the ridge as we can.”

RMC Representative Billy Hansen handing the check to Mayor Jody Jones

On the same day at 11:08 A.M. the RMC Chico office observed 85 seconds of silence for the lives lost in the fire.

RMC Chico Office during their moment of silence

As both the Paradise and Chico communities continue to rebuild and support each other after the fires Ray Morgan Company aims to be a helping hand to those in need.