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9 Business Advantages Digital Documents Have Over Paper

Document Management Stats You Should Know


Why an Office Print Policy Makes Sense

Shocking Office Printing Stats You Need to Know!

What is a Print Assessment?

Why Beware of Toner Coverage?

The same way your car's gas mileage fluctuates when you go up a hill or pull a trailer, so too does your actual toner yield when you put more toner on a page. Every time you add a logo, chart or some other graphic, the more you pay per page.

The Shocking Cost of Inkjet Printers!

Do you have a small inkjet printer in your office? Maybe there’s more than one if you took a look around. Most of our clients who take advantage of our complimentary print assessment service find more printers (inkjet and laser) than they thought[…]

The Paperless Office – Fact or Fiction?

Ah, the paperless office! First coined as a marketing slogan by IBM in the early days of computing it’s still a dream, despite anecdotal evidence that paper use is declining.  Today, every employee has access to a workstation and mobile devices are[…]

5 Security Risks in Your Current Print Environment

Protecting your confidential information isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to restricting access to hardcopy documents in an unmanaged print environment with limited rules and protocols in place.

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